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Intermediate C++ Computer Vision Developer

Новосибирск | Добавлено: 28 мая 2018, номер: 5

Intermediate C++ Computer Vision Developer, 0 руб., По результатам собеседования

Новосибирск | 28 мая 2018, Tara, номер: 5, просмотры: 1
  • Тип работы: Постоянная работа 
  • Тип занятости: Работа на полную ставку 
This is a remote, home-based position.
Start a career with the world’s largest virtual company.
Flexible and stable hours - your own space to grow - competitive compensation.
About us
At Scopic Software, we have over 250 employees in over 30 countries all comfortably working from home/remotely. Though we’re a big team overall, each project is made up of small teams to remain agile and maintain good communication. As a skilled C++ Computer Vision Developer, you would be part of a dedicated team for desktop application development projects and an integral part of Scopic.
Since a good work environment is crucial to creativity, the position gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time. We value and respect every member of our team and encourage transparency through all areas of our work.
Now Hiring for an Intermediate C++ Computer Vision Developer
As part of the project team, your role will include leveraging the latest tools and technology in C++ Computer Vision for a diverse selection of desktop application software projects, as well as collaborating with your team in building innovative software products.
Some of our projects that have involved the use of computer vision technology include facial recognition apps, software for a robot to detect and pick oranges from a tree, and an app that reads writing on any wine menu to then display information about ideal food pairings for each bottle. We love diversity here at Scopic! See more about projects here: https://scopicsoftware.com/desktop-development/desktop-applications/
About you
You are a skilled C++ Computer Vision Developer, a problem solver, a creative and analytical thinker who enjoys the security of regular projects and values the advantages of working remotely. You communicate well in English, take pride in producing your best work and deliver on schedule.
Required skills:
• 2+ years of experience in software development;
• Strong C++ programming ability;
• Good experience with image processing and Computer Vision;
• Strong mathematics and algorithm skills;
• Qt proficiency;
• Experience with 3D graphics APIs (OpenGL, Direct3D), is a plus;
• Experience with VTK, is a plus;
• Experience with CUDA, is a plus;
Other requirements:
• Good English reading, writing, and speaking skills
• Ability to work to a schedule and meet deadlines
• Interest and discipline to work effectively from home
• Ability to work in a team
• Stable internet connection and computer
• Bachelor's degree or higher
This is a part-time or full-time position.
Hourly rate range is $15-$22 depending on skills and experience.
Please apply online: https://scopicsoftware.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk01mpk
Benefits of working with Scopic Software:
• Work your own hours
• No commute
• Competitive salary based on your personal skills and experience
• Performance reviews and compensation increase
• Salaried or hourly positions
• Well established internal procedure
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